About Us

When running your own business, your time is precious. At Office Xpress we get that, and we want you to focus on working smarter. That’s why we developed this online store, to add convenience to your operations while providing great products at affordable prices.

Office Xpress is part of The Office Authority Limited, who has been in business for over 50 years. The other divisions of our business include Media Sales, Eric Solis Marketing, Trinpad, Fine Papers and our Office Xpress retail outlets; so, we know a little bit about office supplies. With our group network, your added benefit is access to an impressive inventory from brands such as:


This is a new landscape for us to serve you; our online inventory is constantly updating based on your requests. Our 300+ employees live and breathe their energy into these brands and our service. Therefore, you have our commitment to improve the parts of our service you believe we can do better in.

Our goal is to help you work smarter and achieve success in your business.

Feel open to reach out to our E-commerce Manager, Amrit Siew: amrit.siew@officeauthoritygroup.com

call us at: +1-868-674-9772

or email our support team at: info@ox.tt